Activities to try in El Rapaz

A yacht vacation alone is fantastic—but do you wonder if you can level that up with different unique water activities? 

Your yacht experience is not complete without trying any water activities. It’s a good thing El Rapaz offers water activities for FREE!

You have to let the staff know what activities you would like to try and they can prepare all the equipment you’ll need. 

So, don’t forget your pen and paper, and make sure to add these activities to your list.

1. Snorkeling

Truly, there’s more than what meets the eye. So, prepare to swim and witness the beauty of the ocean when you try snorkeling–You can borrow fins and snorkel from the staff and enjoy!

2. Wakeboarding

If you’re up for some challenge, then wakeboarding is something you should definitely try! So gear up and be ready to balance yourself on a wakeboard. 

3. Kayaking

If swimming isn’t your thing, you might want to try kayaking, which you can do alone with a partner. El Rapaz has a three-seater kayak that will allow you to explore every cove while having a blast paddling.

4. Banana boat ride

The inflatable banana boat is one of the popular water activities you should try! It is tied to a speed boat so hold on tightly because the ride will put your balance to the test.

5. Stand-up paddle board

Another water activity you should try is stand-up paddleboarding as it is far more stable and easier to paddle. Which makes it much simpler and ideal for people who lack the physical fitness needed for surfing to come out and enjoy the waves.

6. Tubing

Using an inflatable raft, you will have to let the current float you down the water. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of the water and the surroundings while taking a nice, relaxing ride.

7. Freediving

The ocean has great treasures that are just waiting to be discovered. Equipment can be requested from El Rapaz, and those who want to learn freediving can request a course or lesson.

Be ready to cross off some things on your bucket list as they are all great activities, even for beginners!

You can experience the best of both worlds with El Rapaz by taking your ideal holiday on a yacht and partaking in some of the things you’ve never tried while lounging around, drinking, and watching friends engage in different activities. 

For 34k during the week and 42k on weekends and holidays, you can already charter the 60-foot trimaran El Rapaz. It can host up to fifteen (15) people for a day trip and six (6) guests overnight. Just visit https://elrapaz.com/ to read more information or message El Rapaz here.

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