Foods to try in El Rapaz

El Rapaz is the perfect yacht to enjoy a lovely sea breeze and a fantastic feast. With its kitchen and incredible chef on board, El Rapaz serves freshly made foods–It’s like having a private dining Spanish fusion restaurant on a yacht!

You have to order the food in advance or when you place your reservation so the chef can prepare all the ingredients before your sailing adventure. 

No worries! The menu is designed to allow guests to eat as they like and to tailor it to their preferences.

But If you’re still wondering what to order, then here are you MUST try foods in El Rapaz:

1. Gambas al Ajillo

In the Pica Pica Menu, you better try the Spanish Garlic Shrimp, or Prawns sauteed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil. 

2. BBQ Skewers

Another must-try in the Pica Pica menu is the BBQ Skewers. It has six (6) skewers of your choice (chicken or pork) cooked with a signature homemade bbq sauce.

3. Seafood Paella

On the Paella Menu, you can try the Seafood Paella, which can be served in small servings that are good for two people and a bigger serving that is good for ten people to enjoy.

4. Iberico Pork Paella

With its flavorful meat and savoring aioli sauce, Iberico Pork Paella is definitely a must-try in El Rapaz. Similar to other Paella, you can choose to have a small serving that is good for two people and a bigger serving that is good for ten people.

5. Meat Parrillada

This main menu is ideal, especially for a large group or gathering. It includes grilled chicken thigh, pork belly, Angus tenderloin, sausages, and roasted potatoes.

6. Vegetable Parrillada

If you’re not into meat and want to try something new, you can try the grilled mixed vegetables on the main menu. 

Image source: Anton Diaz

7. Grilled Fish

There’s meat and vegetables. Now let’s complete your main menu by adding Grilled Fish! have a try of the grilled Lapu Lapu that is served with grilled potatoes and roasted vegetables.  

8. Turron

If you’re craving some dessert, you can order and enjoy the classic Filipino ‘Turron.’ It is a fried banana dusted with muscovado sugar and wrapped in a spring roll.

9. Chocolate Fondue

Mixed fruits with dark chocolate fondue are highly recommended, especially if you’re bringing your kids! They’ll surely enjoy dipping their favorite fruits in the special chocolate sauce. 

10. Boodle Fight

What better way to celebrate a feast than to have a boodle fight on board? Boodle fight is served with Paella, salad, chicken, and mixed fruits. 

Good food served in El Rapaz will surely keep you company while enjoying the excellent view of your yacht sailing experience. The best part is that all foods are freshly cooked, and if you have a special request—El Rapaz has incredible chefs on board who can prepare all your cravings!

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